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Chaffee Arts Welcomes New Board Members

BUENA VISTA--Chaffee Arts is proud to announce that a new Board will lead the organization effective January 2023. Following are the Board members who will be taking over the reins of leadership.

David Bailey – President

Sarah Stringer – Vice President

Tammy Lygrisse – Secretary

Rae Farrar – Assistant Treasurer

Members at Large:

Ashley McGowan

Jennie Omasta

Susy Ritch

Marley Seifert

Friends of the Board:

Jan McCabe

Denise Mullin

Terry Stevens

Board members who will be leaving include Lyndsay Bertram, Jan McCabe, Barry Stevens and Terry Stevens. Those leaving have served longer than their three-year term and will remain Chaffee Arts members and help the new Board with the transition. Bob Schork has left the Board but will continue in his role of Treasurer.

Friends of the Board will continue to receive monthly financial reports, minutes from Board meetings, and will attend meetings should the new Board ask for their attendance but will not have voting rights.

“I am very happy that several members on our new Board have local businesses in the visual arts arena and have livelihoods tied to the arts.” Said Terry Stevens, outgoing Board president. She added, “Over the past five years we have focused on putting the business practices in place that will allow Chaffee Arts to be successful for the next 37 years. We are so grateful to those who have served as we moved Chaffee Arts from an organization that was struggling to one that is thriving and financially sound”.

Planned events for 2023 include free art classes for Boys & Girls Clubs and the ElevateHER organization. Chaffee Arts members will be featured at the Buena Vista Library for the month of July. The Chaffee Arts wall at Arkansas Valley Digital Imaging will highlight local artists on a rotating basis throughout the year. A major fundraising event will take place in July with an auction from the art collection of longtime resident and artist, Conrad Nelson. The Open Awards Art Show will be staged over Labor Day Weekend in 2023 and will again be hosted at the Heritage Museum on Main Street in Buena Vista. New events may be announced as the new Board sets the agenda for the upcoming year.


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