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2023 Open Awards Show Winners

$300 Best in show “Coming back to life...You got this“ By Anyta Cosel $200 People’s Choice Award “Snowy Gray“ by Michelle Mitchell

$100 Judge’s Award “Jackrabbit“ By Jennie Omasta


1st Place ($100): “Benjamin Moore Painting” By Tim Mooney

2nd Place: Coming back to life...You got this” By Anyta Cosel

3rd Place: “The Williams Farm” By Paul Muelle


1st place ($100): “Two Mugs and a Bear” By Cami Jamerson

2nd Place: “African elephants” By Susy Ritch

3rd Place: “Spirit of Trees” By Kelley DeCoste


1st place ($100): “Uncultivated“By Carolyn Nelson

2nd Place: “Bag Lady Fashion“ by sandee Jaastad

3rd place: “Abstract-#3“by Marjie Gray


1st place ($100): “Rose -1” by Dorothy Miller

2nd place: “Aspen Vase” by Evelyn G. Baker

3rd Place: “Butterflies” by Dorothy Miller


1st place ($100):“14K GF Earrings & Sterling Discs“ by Cheryl Rauchke

2nd Place:“Bicolor glass bead necklace & Earring Set“ By Alice Sawyer

3rd Place: “Autumn Dreams“ by Cheryl Rauchke

2D/3D Mixed media

1st place ($100): “Affinity with nature 2” by conrad nelson

2nd place: “Urban Anemic” by Larkin Wiegert

3rd Place: “Affinity with Nature 1” by Conrad Nelson


1st place ($100): “Through the Trees“ by Nora larimer

2nd place: “Blue chair“ by Laura T. Lygrisse

3rd place: “Sunset on the platte“ by David Billesbach


1st place ($100): “Snowy Gray“ by Michelle Mitchell

2nd place: “Ponderosa Triptych“ by Wendy Wibbons

3rd place: “Breezy“ by Michelle Mitchell


1st place ($100): “Alpenglow“ by Wilder Ruth

2nd place: “Austrian Lady“ by Curt Welty

3rd Place: ““Milky Way over parry peak, Twin Lakes, CO“ by Patricia Hentosh


1st place ($100): “Brown Trout IV” by Jennie Omasta

2nd place: “three marks 1" by Jude Silva

3rd Place: “Nirvana” by Laura T. Lygrisse


1st place ($100): “Princeton Alpenglow“ by Marley Seifert

2nd place: “A pocket full of posies“ by Nora larimer

3rd place: “Mountain mandala“ by Lisa stoorza


1st place ($100): “Aspen Rosette bowl“ by Cecilia lafrance

2nd place: “the flow“ by Molly shethar

3rd place: “lidded aspen and box elder vessel“ by lance sawyer

OAS Underwriters

Chaffee Arts Angel $9,000

Conrad Nelson

Diamond Sponsors $1,000

BV Art & Photo

Buena Vista Veterinary Clinic

Platinum Sponsors $750

Rock Run Gallery

Silver Sponsors $250

Keith & Evelyn Baker

Wildstone Ceramics

Marley Seifert Designs

Spark Provisions


Bronze Sponsors $100

Jerry and Lynn Reitmeyer

Sangre de Cristo electric

Buena Vista Ace Hardware

Comfurt Gas

Jan and Rod Mccabe

Elizabeth and Wrex Harnish


Little Daisy Liquors

Rally Liquors

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