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Blue Raven Art walk into the art show like any other time, you look around, some things catch your eye, some don't. You say to yourself,,, what a diverse bunch of artists they have here at this show. Must be a few dozen. Wow there's one you really like, who did this one? Signature plainly says "Joe". O.K. there's another one I like, it's altogether a unique style, it would look great in the living room, hmm , it says "Joe" as well. Looking further I see the one I want, it's beautiful, the use of color, the way it is in and out of perspective, it excites me, I have to know who did this one, it's completely different than the other artists....What? No way...It says ..."Joe". Now I just go in a frenzy looking at the signature of the 50 plus paintings. Yes, they are all done by "Joe" But how? Who is Joe? Joe was born on October 12, 1950 at St. Josephs hospital in Denver Colorado. His love of art started young and has been his life's calling. Around the age of eight he occurred a trauma to his eyes and had to have them bandaged up. The doctors told him he would not be able to see for a while until the bandages were removed. To Joe it was magical, they were wrong, he could see. All of the colors and images he saw in the darkness filled his mind with pictures and scenes he could create. The bandages came off and he has been painting with a passion ever since. He currently lives in Buena Vista Colorado with his lovely wife Diane, who has been his muse and support for over 50 years. It's a beautiful place and full of good people and plentiful wildlife to catch your eye. Recently, Joe was diagnosed with Cancer. It came as a lump by his eye that grew to the size of a grapefruit within a few months. They gave him a few weeks as his final curtain call. In a conversation when we were talking about it, he told me that he never wanted fame or fortune.....just to have his art hanging somewhere it can be looked at and enjoyed, and well, maybe a little recognition, a pat on the back for all of his life's work. People have told him he wasted his time, or was foolish to pursue such a dream of being an artist....Hearing this.... I laughed inside, as I was looking at what to me, is an artist worthy of being one of the great legends in the world of famous artists, sitting here humbly in his house almost hidden from the world, like a long lost hidden treasure waiting to be found. we sat back and we enjoyed the view. Life is crazy. Joe started a regiment of the RS oil (aka Phoenix tears) and did one round of chemotherapy. It almost killed him. He decided not to pursue the chemo any more and is still taking the oil pills. The latest test said the cancer was in remission, gone! We are now here to celebrate a second chance, a new adventure. In consideration of the good fortune, we are having an art show on August 12th where over 50 paintings will be on display for you to enjoy. Come on down and enjoy music and free food and drinks as well. Yes steak on a stick is delicious,chicken, as well as vegetables on the grill. Plenty of tasty snacks for you. Wine and song. Meet the artist, see the beauty! On display in front of the beautiful mountains surrounding Buena Vista. A good time awaits you. You are invited! The show is Saturday August 12th at 9am to 7ish in Buena Vista. 17100 county road 338. Check out Blue Raven Art on Facebook for a preview of the artwork.


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