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Gold Rush Days Membership Drive A Big Success!

We had a great response to our booth at Gold Rush Days. Between this event and our Call for Artists we have 20 new members to Chaffee Arts! Special thanks to those who helped staff our booth at Gold Rush Days: Denise Mullen, Curt Welty, Kathy Keidel, Andi Hendrie, Janette Fowles, Terry Stevens and Barry Stevens. Our thanks to the following artists who displayed their art in our booth: Kathy Reinhold, Curt Welty, Lynn Reitmeyer, Karen Proft, Dee Sapper, Jude Silva, Kathy Keidel, Nora Larimer, Andi Hendrie, Pam Rathke, Anyta Vinogradov, and Denise Mullen. We made $300.00 in art sales too!

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