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Patricia Jahla

Although formally educated as an artist/teacher (emphasis ceramics) I spent my entire first career in the printing industry and only in 2017 became a full time ceramic artist. My parallel love of archaeology led me to studies at Crow Canyon Archaeology Center with two renowned Pueblo potters. I changed my making method to hand-building in 1990 and started firing in the salt-bisque method, then added fumed saggar firing. I find the transition from the soft malleability of my native clay, which I dig and process myself, to the ringing hardness of fired work to be endlessly fascinating. Beauty out of the kiln fires -- a gift from God, as is life itself. My work is available at Rock Run Gallery in Buena Vista, Hunter-Wolff Gallery in Colorado Springs and Quiller Gallery in Creede, Colorado, as well as through my studio, Bristlecone Pottery, 28992 CR 3611A in Buena Vista.

Bristlecone Pottery, LLC