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Robert Gray

I have vivid memories of a family trip to Oregon. I was 14 years old, fascinated
by my first sight of the ocean and big timbered forests. A sign along the road
said “Just Ahead, Woodturning Demonstrations”. I stared through a glass
window as a wood-turner created a beautiful bowl before my eyes.
I was hooked. Wood was in my blood. My early life experiences included
forestry and several years as a high school woodshop teacher. I opened a fine
woodworking business and eventually built a fine art gallery with my wood lathe
mounted behind a glass window. Now I was the guy behind the window.
My studio view of Mt Princeton and its base area is not only inspirational for my art, but the source for the wind-fallen wet aspen logs that weigh over 100 pounds. Watch my process at and see my art at the galleries listed.

Robert Gray Studio