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Libby Butler

My background working with wildlife includes Marineland, Seattle aquarium, Tacoma zoo, and miscellaneous wildlife rehabilitation and education centers has created a desire to capture in my art the gracefulness and animals I so admire. Although I have lived in Colorado for over 20 years, I find my taste in subjects is strongly based on colorful and graceful Birds and Animals of all areas on The globe. Being of Cherokee decent, I also admire both native imagery and horses. My art is created digitally. I currently offer approximately 45 designs, and the types of products range from greeting cards to prints on wood surfaces, as well as metal prints, canvas or heavy ply mat board. I am able to provide personalized books, calendars, ceramic Tiles, coasters, etc. Prices vary per item. You can view all my designs on Instagram @red_raven_custom_art and you can contact me through email at Thanks.

Red Raven Custom Art