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Chaffee Arts Classifieds


  1.  Fill in the form with all information requested – not all fields are required to submit.

  2. Make sure there is a way for the buyer to contact you directly – Chaffee Arts will not be involved forwarding messages, etc.

  3. Your ad will remain on our website until you notify us to remove it – send email to  No phone calls please. 

  4. and this is where you can write a description and price.

  5. Select File:  When you click on this you can upload picture of your item(s).

  6. If you want to have a bulk price for the entire offering and not individual items, put this information in your description section but still upload a picture in Select File.

  7. You are allowed  3 photos per classified ad. 

  8. If you submit and then need to make a change, contact the administrator at

Select File
Select File
Select File
Select File
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