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Curtis Exhibit at Heritage Museum

New Chaffee Arts members, Coleen and John Graybill, are hosting the exhibit, "Edward S. Curtis: Unpublished Alaska" at the Heritage Museum through August 15. The exhibit is comprised of unpublished Edward Curtis photographs taken in Alaska, on loan from the Curtis Legacy Foundation.

This extraordinary exhibit is based on the recently released book Edward S. Curtis: Unpublished Alaska, Photographs and Personal Journals written by Coleen and John Graybill. John is the great-grandson of Edward Curtis and their foundation is based right here in Buena Vista.

August 14th - 3:00pm Book Signing

4:00pm – 5:30pm Edward S. Curtis: Unpublished Alaska by Coleen & John Graybill

5:30pm Book signing following presentation

Edward S. Curtis: The Legacy and the Man – John and Coleen Graybill, great-grandson of Edward Curtis, not only are outstanding experts on Curtis’ works and life, but they also are deeply passionate about preserving Edward Curtis’ insights and understanding of Native American culture. With their love for photography and history, John and Coleen will weave the bond between Curtis’ images and his passion for sharing the indigenous lifestyle and spiritual ways. The family tradition is to be continued.


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