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Tim Mooney

My art is a conversation, reverberating with echoes of banter and silence. I’m always surprised by what is said, heard, hinted at. But to say a painting speaks, doesn’t say enough, for it signifies visually what cannot be put into words. Painting is a way of being created, a practice spiritual, personal, communal, pointing within and beyond to the mystery of self, other, world, spirit. Self taught, I paint from inside-out, and invite others, in wonder, to go outside-in. My landscapes and abscapes (landscapes with abstract elements), explore the ground between humanity and Earth. My abstracts are inscapes, internal portraits of finding our way or falling apart. My figures ponder primary speech and gesture, give us a mirror. Experiment and failure, enlightenment and disillusionment, constantly happening in my work, continue to be my faithful teachers and companions. I have learned to trust them.

Tim Mooney Studio