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Andra Hendrie

Andra’s love of art started early in her childhood where she was raised on a farm near LaSalle, Colorado. She has always loved horses & as she has advanced in her painting skills, continues to paint them. Her media can change according to the subject that may lend itself to watercolor, pastel, acrylic or oils. She is open to new & different techniques. Contrast & color are important to her.
She studied under Peter Katz from Northglenn in 1964 & soon was asked to teach art. She taught art at Platte Canyon high School in 1983. She owned an art gallery from 1978-1988 in Bailey, Colorado.
She also likes to work with Stained Glass. Slumped & fused Glass. She loves the mountains & says “God gave us so much to enjoy in life and it is up to us to do the best with what He has given us.” Several of the paintings on this gallery are available on note cards. Contact the artist at

The Carousel Studio