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Open Awards Show 2019 Retrospective

Best in Show, Stuart Andrews Oil, “Art Colors Space, Music Colors Time”

Judge’s Award, Barry Stevens Glass Chainmail Necklace

People’s Choice, Ashley Pearlama McGowan Glass “Corvus 5”

Business Choice Awards:

  • Rock Run Gallery: Anyta Vinogradov, “Open to the Light” (Acrylic)

  • Asian Palate: Paul Silver, “Axophone-a-Cello” (Sculpture)

  • AVDI Judith Reese, “Arachne’s Tocatta” (Fiber)

  • Gypsy Green Design, Carolyn Nelson, “Breathing January” (Fiber)

  • Sangre de Cristo Electric Association Janene DiRico-Cable, “Wave Runners” (Sculpture)

Ribbons in Categories:


  • First Place Andra Hendrie “Spring Run-Off”

  • Second Place Stuart Andrews “Western Justice”

  • Third Place Patti Vincent “First in Line”


Water Media/Watercolor

  • First Place Nora Larimer “Chasing Light at Dead Horse”

  • Second Place Janet McCable “Orchids of Hawaii”

  • Third Place Diane Alexander “Transformation”



  • First Place Linda Denniston Peavler “The Harvester”

  • Second Place Karen Boggs Bryant “Chines Hibiscus”

  • Third Place Holly Blitstein “Morning Reflection”


Mixed Media

  • First Place Alyssa Dyane Boland “La Muerta”

  • Second Place Ed Eberle “Aspen Tenor Ukulele”

  • Third Place Sabrina Carter “Catfish”



  • First Place Bill Mehaffey “Mt. Princeton Panorama”

  • Second Place Curt Welty “Blowing in the Wind”

  • Third Place Alan Robinson “Hidden Perspective in Fourmile”


Pastels, Drawing

  • First Place Janet McCabe “Backyard View”

  • Second Place JoAnnette Sieve “Rocky Mountain High”

  • Third Place Mary Lou Pentasuglio “Fire in the Sky”

2019 Chaffee Arts Open Awards Show

by Kathy Keidel

May 17, 2019


“We were astounded by the number of people that attended both the reception and open awards show,” says Terry Stevens, president of Chaffee Arts. “The Heritage Museum was generous enough to open two weeks early so we could host the show in this beautiful historic building.” More than 200 people attended the reception and over 700 people attended the art show held May 3-17.  Stevens says they changed the venue from the community center to the museum “to accommodate a larger crowd and to collaborate with the Heritage Museum, another non-profit organization.


Secretary-Treasurer Denise Mullen added, “And that attendance is remarkable, especially since we had to close for a full day during the snowstorm and outages. Throughout the show our visitors often remarked on the amazing talent of our local artists. We also received many positive comments on the KidzArt and Boys and Girls corner display.”


“Chaffee Arts continues to revitalize,” Stevens says, “This organization is 35 years old. A decline in membership for a few years was concerning. Just a year ago we had 30 active members so in the past year we have re-vamped our efforts to revitalize and have our focus really be about community connections. We now have over 100 members, with 70 artists participating in the show. And sales were up. This year 14 pieces of art work were sold during the show. We are also thrilled that some former members, whose art work has been long respected, have returned to the organization and displayed their beautiful art.”


Mullen says, “The art show is totally self-funded. We had $3300 in prizes from donations and our fund-raising campaign.”


This year’s judge was Sharon Kennedy, a curator with extensive experience currently serving as the Director of Education at the Sheldon Museum of Art, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Stevens says, “Ms. Kennedy told us it was a difficult show to judge because of the amount of talent. She had access to our show catalog where the artists could describe their art work and techniques in more detail. She also provided those artists who desired it with critique.”


Artists that offered lived demonstrations on May 4 included: Alice Sawyer/Jewelry Making;

Barry Stevens/Glass Blowing; Karen Heise/Fusing Glass; and Dee Sapper/Oil Painting.


  • First Place Michelle Pujol “Spiny Oyster Shell and Silver Necklace”

  • Second Place Laura Lee Schaufler  “Sonavan Sunrise Pendant”

  • Third Place Alice Marie Sawyer “Silver Zig Zag Set”



  • First Place Jennifer Torris “Mountain Aspens”

  • Second Place Pamela Rathke “Sushi Anyone”

  • Third Place Jennifer Torris “Apricot Dream”



  • First Place Patricia Jahla “Curly Willow”

  • Second Place Patricia Jahla “Cherry Blossoms”

  • Third Place David Bailey “Full Bloom”


Sculpture, Wood, Metal

  • First Place  Lance Sawyer “Beetle Kill Pine Vessel”

  • Second Place Robert Gray “Luna Vista”

  • Third Place Alex Mirich “Segmented Bowl”



  • First Place Carolyn Nelson “Namib”

  • Second Place Marjie Gray “Handwoven Braided Purse”

  • Third Place Cindy Bass “Midwinter Zen”



  • First Place  Jennie Noreen “Bugling Bull”

  • Second Place Jennie Noreen “Greenback Cutthroat Trout II”

  • Third Place Laura Lygrisse “Monoprint”


Emerging Artist

Ashley Pearlama McGowan is the 2019 recipient of the Emerging Artist Matching Grant, established by Evelyn Gottschall Baker. Baker established the scholarship “to encourage new artists to become active in our community.” The grant funds the membership fee for Chaffee Arts and the entry fee to the Chaffee Arts Open Awards show. Businesses and individuals are invited to participate in Gottschall’s grant gift

Thank You to all of the

community support for the Show:

Gold Level

Chaffee County Times

Collegiate Peaks Bank

Dr. Kettering

Salida Circus Outreach Foundation

Silver Level

Keith Baker

Central Colorado Title & Escrow

Marjery A. Dorfmeister

High Country Bank 

Sherwood R. Krause

Terry & Terry Stevens

Bronze Level

Buena Vista True Value

Comfurt Gas

Dan & Beth Cooper

Elizabeth Gobble, CPA

Thomas & Denise Mullen

Paul & Cheryl Rauschke


BV Rental

Theresa Butler

Dr. Hansford

Eddyline Brewery

Wrex & Bea Harnish

Sandra Horrocks

Suzy Kelly

Laura Lygrisse

Little Daisy Liquors

Rod & Jan McCabe

Dr. Mueller

Steven & Nancy Taylor 

Evelyn Gottschall Baker Emerging Artist Matching Grant

Evelyn Baker

Karen Heise

Jan McCabe

Mary Lou Pentasuglio

Paul & Cheryl Rauschke

Jerry & Lynn Reitmeyer

Michele Wayland 


Special thanks to our judge, Sharon Kennedy, Chaffee County Times, Heritage Museum, Chaffee Arts Board Members, Chaffee Arts Members and the Chaffee County Community 

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